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Shiloh [1 Hour Mix]

A mix of lofi/chill songs featuring Shiloh 🎧 Lofi/Chill Beats🎧 "Shiloh Dynasty, The Beautiful Voice All Over XXXTENTACION's '17'" instagram.com/shilohdynasty soundcloud.com/shiloh-dynasty Tracklist: Lo'Fi Boy - Trust soundcloud.com/lowfidelityboy/trust buster - in these arms tonight feat shiloh soundcloud.com/bstrbumps/inthesearmstonight sagun - I'm Drunk And Confused (Feat. Shiloh) soundcloud.com/iamsagun/im-drunk-and-confused-feat-shiloh Saint Romain - [i was all you needed] (feat.

Someone was awesome enough to upload a 1 hour mix of Shiloh so even if you don’t have Google Play Music or Amazon’s Prime Music you can still get a good solid soak up of Shiloh’s siren-esque to tunes — YOU’RE WELCOME!

I used to wear #lipstick with #tshirts and #DocMartens

😏 The "used tos" are now...

#AllowMeToReIntroduceMyself | #RebirthOfSlick |#Phoenix | #NeverLoseYourself | #MeEarlierToday | #Tuesday

Music : "BR1" by NinEleven ™ musicby911.com @musicby911

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Once upon a time I had long trailing braids... Once upon a time I was dedicated and worked out...

Once upon a time I had money in waterfall cascades... Once upon a life you get a chance to re-figure it out.

#RebirthOfSlick | #Phoenix | #NeverLoseYourself | #Sunday | #LatePost Music : "BR3" by NinEleven ™ MusicBy911.com @MusicBy911

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Listening to Drake and painting my nails...

I've always been a #phoenix .

Removing 7 layers of dust off some of the old me.

And binding it to the fabric of the newest pieces of me.


Painting my nails and listening to #Drake. #NotJustAnerd #StillAGirl

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#FlixAndStreams Saturday: Insecure Season 3 | Part I

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Max’s View : Insecure - Episode 1 “Better-like”

1) Lord…Daniel was tearing it up in the opening scene-- Jesus!

2) That throw up scene reminds me why if I do Uber it'll be Uber eats --and not Lyft either! The vomit didn't even come out after the fact -- yek!

3) Why was "Spyder's Cousin" pants so squeaky - also something about her reminds me of Tiffany Haddish-- am I the only one?

4) I luv Issa and Molly's friendship -- some real sister friend-ish.

5) "Front eye" now replaces side-eye for me lol!

6) “My life on some "tip-toe sh*t" - great phrasing.

7) I luv that Issa pays homage to black comedic actors - Erika Alexander and Bill Bellamy

8) lol what the hell is "bourgie pigeon" ?

9) I luv the scene where Daniel’s sister Lilian is braiding her daughter Jada's hair -- I always luv scenes where mom's are doing their daughters hair-- it's so authentic - complete with getting checked for being in "grown folks business"

10) Luv the Latin-hip hop feel of that track after Daniel got the guitar from his sister's house

11) Alcohol always makes ish saucy -- even the most innocent of laugh and jokes moments ("Close your eyes.. What color shirt am I wearing?" Issa : "Uh, it got Stripes?")

12) lol it's funny how it takes other women to make men realize the odd ish in their life (ie "Outta all the places you coulda stayed, Issa" moment) - likewise other women stay putting extra stuff in the heads of men and sometimes it's not even like that -- best to ask the source and not speculate -- thaaannnks!-- Which Daniel did -- so PROPS - Communication is one of the sexiest qualties in a man. Direct communication puts us women on the spot-- makes us really evaluate things we may have been ignoring-- besos for that, papi!

13) lol the way she retreated though -- "These glasses are heavy.. I'm tired.. Is it daylight savings time, yet?" lol -- ma'am?! #TipToeShit

14) Molly on this "Boss Molly" ish -- I'm wondering will she crash and burn -- is it real or just a front to feel powerful in situations where she's not felt powerful in the past... not that you can't improve your strength in weak areas.. but I'm wondering if she's truly on an all powerful transformation --or a lowkey rampage founded in facade... hmmm

15) I luv that this non-profit org that is supposed to be so down for the community is getting called out on their bull-- highlighted when Issa takes initiative to call the schools that fired " We Got Ya'll" --It seems like there's already some bigger issues there anyway since her usually positive supervisor is all on pins & needles about everything (#TipToeShit) -- I like how the story plot sets up the fact that the supervisor is being like that with everyone-- it removes the temptation to think it's a black / white or out to just get Issa thing.

16) Oiling your feet down in the back of the rideshare before you get to your destination = real life #authenticity

17) Party Lyft = reminder of what sometimes getting to know men is reduced to.. hoping they have a job-- and well at least he can get us in this club tonight.. maybe..

18) Party Lyft -- I wonder how many times that fight scene has happened in the back of a rideshare.

19) Round 2 of the living together communication -- Issa is finally honest, Daniel takes it in but doesn't act on it.

20) Issa has to come to terms with -- she doesn't want to be alone-- so the easiest way to deal is just to up.. and Lyft

21) Molly put her foot down -- makes me think perhaps that empowered transformation is real.

22) Daniel is a nice guy. But I hope that viewers can see what I know and that is that just because someone is a nice guy doesn’t mean they can’t be petty jerk face azzholes. You see what he’s doing don’t act like it’s whatever.

Max’s View : Insecure - Episode 2 “Familiar-like”

1) That text message at the beginning -- yep I know ALL them feelings

2) Conversation about the logo is how more companies should have their discussions when focused on the black and brown dollar and community. It could of course be with more representatition, however, it is a start and at least a start needs to be done more often.

3) That credit conversation -- score of 425?! - I didn't even know scores go that low. I need more people to take their credit seriously you don't have to have a lot of money to have decent credit you just have to do right by what little bit you have. It ONLY comes to bite you in the arse in the end when you're buying a home, a car, or in Issa's case just trying to rent an apartment because NEWSFLASH now even rental properties are requiring a decent credit history.

4) Daniel is not living it up like he's trying to make it seem. This Spyder thing doesn't seem legit it almost makes me feel small time sorry for him. Plus his lady friend is not as into him as that slam-bam first episode perceived her to be.. and to add insult to injury you tells him that she loves "light-skinned love" when he's one of the deepest shades of midnight beauty I've seen on screen in a while. A good reminder that what you think is a golden, happy, enjoyable life for someone is not all that it really is-- they are likely just fronting to save face.

5) Revisit of the logo proves even further how insensitive the major players at a non-profit for black and brown youth are out of touch and completely insensitive. Not sure how to feel about how Issa's concern about being the voice of all Black people was cut off by saying it is what it is...

6) I don't know what has Joanne (Issa's supervisor) so frazzled this season but I feel like she's about to lose this organization or something -- or that the funding isn't there or-- I don't know. She needs to take Issa's advice because it's been so tone deaf for so long, but the answer isn't one solitary voice. There needs to be a conglomerate of voices and opinions to get closer to being relevant in a tumultuous climate.

7) I can respect Issa's attempt to look out for Daniel... when you look at it he has really looked out for her... but hunty when music gets involved with them too it's just an electricity that starts to go pass acting -- I can feel it while I set on the edge of my sofa seat. #IJS

8) It's important for people to see that even when you put yourself out there (Spyder/Kahlil/ Daniel/ Issa scene) the result still may not be great. Every time you try your not going to win. That small sense of failure puts you in a place of reality and forces an internal and external conversation about what are you doing and how can you do it better or how can you do something else. Everyone thinking they should win when they try or not being told that the try is not greatness yet is why there is soooo much mediocrity in so many aspects of the world we live in today.

9) The way the club scene ended is the reason why I rarely even club anymore.

10) Once again Daniel for the win on communicating and expressing himself. Shout out to Issa for awkwardly fumbling through the comforting. Daniel holds a lot in and comes off real mellow but it's good that he 1) knows how to get things off his chest and 2) has someone like Issa to get things off his chest to. Having a confidante means everything when the struggle is real. One of my favorite things about the before, during, and after club scene is Issa reminding him that he needs to be humble. Even after she had to call him out and say " Why does it have to be a competition? - Why can't it be a collaboration?"

11) Ends on hope.. but could some of that hope be tied into each other as mutual strugglers or is there something real bubbling beneath the surface?

Max’s View : Insecure - Episode 3 “Backwards-like”

1) Daniel - aydiosmio my dude -- even in the imagination break away your scenes be everything *pass out status*

2) Issa-Molly time always makes me smile -- honest with each other, scolding each other, but loving each other all at the same time - great sister-friends.

3) And back to We Got Ya'll -- yeah so if this was a real organization I would be disappointed in them -- no one cares about the back story of the people in the org because even their backstories are not relatable. They need to change the faces of the staff period point blank. But it looks like they're working on it.

4) Issa is drawn to something that is really making a difference, I hope that before the season is up she can move in the direction she wants to and not just direction she has to.

5) Lady Blacksmith Mambazo - learned something new and I will be looking for an opportunity to see this performance

6) It's sad but true so many establishments of color are lacking in very key areas so sometimes you have to sacrifice technology and up-to-date office practices for comoraderie and unified goals.

7) I can respect Issa not wanting to jump backward into something with Daniel. It is important for any person (male or female) to get a better understanding of self, by oneself before just jumping back into something because it's comfortable. When you really get to know your own strength and clear your mind away from what you've always known -- you can really hear the beating drum of what the future has for you and how things fit... whether old things fit in new spaces is entirely up to the mutual rhythm of beating drums-- can you hear it?

8) "So ya'll just gonna Greek chorus on a b*tch?" (lol your true friends always tell it like it is -- they don't care. They lov you and want to see you succeed in life, in lov, in work) ... "YES!"

9) Molly is learning that if you're going to leave what you used to have -- then you can't keep taking about what you used to have in your new environment.

10) Daniel-- while on one level I can respect him putting his track out there to be ambitious.. it was the wrong move. He let his pride get in the way of the kindness of Khalil. Khalil didn't have to help out and now after this he likely never will. Plus Khalil called his bluff and not only forced him to play the worked on track, but also just diverted Spyder's attention to a track that Daniel had nothing at all to do with.. don't kick a gift horse in the mouth.

11) Women often have to be the diffusers for tempers, anger, discontent. And after being so kind and gentle to help bring a person down from their angry tower the reward is a smack in the face with hurtful words. The way Daniel played Issa after she tried to give sound advice for his career that he just a moment go was so concerned was on the rocks because of missed opportunity -- was not cool. But that's what people do.. they tear you down when they don't like what you have to say. But it's cool she on them deuces in a sec anyway FOH JFA.

12) That make up scene was electric -- until Issa went and ruined it and put my wide eyes back in their socket -- complete with a re-make of my girl Sade's "Love is Stronger than Pride" (one of my favorite tracks by the way)-- but Issa has to do ... what is best for her ... you only have one life.

13) I luv how Issa's night shirt ACTUALLY has a small hole in it -- lol that authenticity- I LUV IT!

Max’s View : Insecure - Episode 4 “Fresh-like”

1) Lol I missed her freestyles #Mirrorbitch

2) Bye Daniel... hmmm orrrr see you later?

3) Be your fire-ass self!

4) I can respect this de-clutter convo - IIIIII have been on a monster de-clutter -- you gotta chuck a lot of what you thought you needed for a space you can breathe in -- not even just for new things. It's ok to have old things -- in a new and open space where you can actually appreciate it.

5) Him : That was hard to watch | Her : Yeah, living it was harder -- good words for a random life scene

6) Yasss chemistry with "One Punch Man!"

7) "Who's Dro?" -- lol when you put your foot in your mouth at your therapist session!

8) Interesting how the superficial joking nature of Nathan and Issa's wait on WorldWide Tacos turns into a deeper delve into Issa's past -- 5 years? That's a long time to walk away from.

9) "Can't ya'll stay together for the kids... to swim?" --- lol

10) Yaaasss "FELONIOUS" --- I haven't used that word in a LONG time but I'm about to start again for real!

11) Nathan : I dare you to jump in this pool | Issa : Uh.. nah I'm choosing truth | Nathan : Your "TRUTH" is that you about to jump in this pool --- LOL new chemisty ain't playing games on the screen right now

12) Anyone else getting Gary Dourdan vibes from this Nathan dude? -- move over "Warwick" (CSI reference)

13) Sometimes you just gotta go for it -- even if it don't make sense to everybody else. I agree with this. I've been on the short end of people's decisions to do what made sense to them.. I could hate them for it.. but I choose to respect the things that they feel they had to do... Who am I to judge?

14) My mama had said to wait -- lol that lil boy was so hilarious!

15) Trash -- so hard once upon a time -- and then it just gets so easy to toss it -- make it someone else's treasure.. etc..

16) End of the episode -- Get it Issa -- Oh yeah and I like that!

Max’s View : Insecure - Episode 5 “High-like” (coming next)…

1) OH SH*****TTTT - lol I luv it when old characters are brought back into the new seasons - even if it's just as a cameo

2) It's always hard when you have an awesome moment with a person and the communication falls off -- like d*mn it just got started wtf?

3) Molly has got to start being ok with just feeling out a situation and then getting in where she fits in -- she is all over the place at the firm and while I get she's trying to figure this all out it is not kicking off successfully - and while I'm all for making memories with the people you lov -- she really shouldn't have signed up for that FMLA

4) Who's Laughing -- the mini laughter monologue with Kelli had me on the FLOOR!

5) Yaaasss edibles at the desert pool party -- they about to turn up!

6) Drugs always breeds honesty - honest feelings, honest statements, honest fears, etc..etc..

7) That ferris wheel scene though #bucketlist

8) Smdh Kelli and that fight scene and it's consequences -- she's always a friggin trip!

9) Residual Tase Rage - Kelli -- SHUT UP I can't take it!

10) Tiffany and Issa convo - it's deep when you realize you and your friend are so different it could change the dynamic forever

11) OH SNAPS -- (ok so since I'm so late seeing this season--- I already knew about this but still ) --- OH SNAPS -- cameo -- revisit? What you doing at the end of this scene, sir?

Feeling : smooth and psychedelic


… to my world

Stay you are not alone

Stay you are not alone

Feeling : More in love.. with the raw emotion of love.

Damn, love or lust
Damn, all of us

Give me a run for my money
There is nobody, no one to outrun me
(Another world premier!)
So give me a run for my money
Sipping bubbly, feeling lovely, living lovely
Just love me
I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with
I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with
I wanna be with you

If I didn't ride blade on curb, would you still (love me)
If I made up my mind at work, would you still (love me)
Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to (love me)
Keep it a whole one hund', don't got you I got nothing

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17 Days (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version)

Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group 17 Days (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version) · Prince 17 Days (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version) ℗ 2018 NPG Records Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Bros. Records Masterer: Bernie Grundman Arranger, Composer, Lyricist: Prince Auto-generated by YouTube.

Feeling : Nostalgic for all that Prince used to be (Rest in Purple Peace)

Baby, baby, baby
Listen to me
I may not know where I'm going baby,
WOO (woo)!
Look here
I said I may not know what I need
One thing
One thing's for certain baby

I know what I want, yeah
And it's to please you baby
Please you baby
I'm begging down on my knees
I want you
I want you
Baby, baby, baby, baby
I want you, woo!
Yes I do"

First of all.. if you just read those lyrics with no feeling just to see which parts rhymed.. 😒 I need you to scroll back up d*mnit and put some feeling behind it... •

See true#Prince/#PurpleRainfans know he lit that stage UP at this point in the song in the movie •

😣 Lawd there will never be another#PrinceRogersNelsonno one can say#ILOVEYOUby serenading your eardrums and then spark into a gust of fiery tornado wind to make sure you heard what dafuque he said --- I love you d*mnit!! So recognize that shyt! 😂

Never seen the movie? Check out this snippet below 😏 … You're WELCOME!

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Gnarls Barkley - Storm Coming

Enjoy:D Lyrics: I, I, I, I can paint a picture with a pen But a song will only scratch the skin And there are still places I haven't been Because I know what's in there Is already in the air Oh yeah There's a storm on the way There's a

John Legend - Show Me (Video)

John Legend's official music video for 'Show Me'. Click to listen to John Legend on Spotify: smarturl.it/JohnLSpotify?IQid=JohnLSMe As featured on Onc...


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Less than 20 seconds into the first episode the frame is filled with what is assumed to be a preacher tacking up signage that states “A Reckoning Between God & America.” This quite simply sums up the entire premise of the show, and while a little spot on, is a great intro to all that DAMNATION will be.

About as soon as the second it takes you to read the sign passes by, gunshots can be heard. A creative disruption to the pondering you were about to set your mind to… but now you just HAVE to know where those gunshots are coming from and why someone is shooting in the middle of the day.

The camera shifts so that both the preacher and you (the viewer) can begin the trudge down an old dirt path to gain knowledge of good or knowledge of evil.

In the 1930s a local “preacher” rallies the farmers and their families in a small town in Iowa to rally against industrialist, bankers, government and everyone in their “pockets” who corrupt the wholesome ideas of hard work and spiritual stability. True to partial historic fact, in the early 1930s there were early strikes in Iowa (farmer’s strike) and Kentucky (miner’s strike). This series doesn’t pretend to be a historical account of what happened at this time. Instead it should be enjoyed for the loose but realistic representation that it is.

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Fight (Original Mix)

Provided to YouTube by Republic of Music Fight (Original Mix) · Dj Fresh Kryptonite ℗ Breakbeat Kaos Released on: 2010-08-30 Artist: Dj Fresh Auto-generated by YouTube.