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This week an important figure in my life passed away.

I considered him to be my personal Obama. The man who made me think. "Yes I Can."

If you've ever looked at your opportunities and how they lined up seemingly just right with a tall, handsome, charismatic man of color at the start of it all, then you know what I mean.

Rise Like A Phoenix From The Ashes That Never Deserved You Or “Snow Day”


Rest In Peace Dolores (Click the black void above)



On March 1, 1993 The Cranberries made their debut with Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? I've always been an avid fan of alternative rock, but actually hadn't heard of them during their debut. It was years later during a lost battle with insomnia that their music video for the song Salvation came across my screen and I was hooked on the sound that Dolores O'Riordan poetically spewed from her mouth IMMEDIATELY.

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The Cranberries "When You're Gone"

1.15.18 (MLK Monday)

I'm realizing that too many people quit, because it's easier.. I don't really understand or know what that's like because that's not my style.

I can evolve a vision, but I don't quit a vision. I can remix a vision, but I don't abandon a vision.

The world we live in doesn't even make people think twice about the give in, the give up, the quit...and what is left in the wake.

Or rather they do think, but they usually think in the focus of a pessimist, instead of the focus of an optimist; harboring an impatience for results that is out of this world.

I've been blessed on too many levels to be overly impatient with God and pulled out of too many spirit annihilating situations to be a willing visionary of pessimism. I grew out of that childish mindset a long time ago, with the scars to prove that making decisions on my own without really opening my heart and mind to guidance outside of myself is a formula for failure. Even if in the 1st inning I feel like I'm winning, by the 9th it's clear my decision(s) needed help.

I am so grateful God has blessed me with a discerning shine that scorches the meek, the weak, and the mild before their true damage is done.

And if you don't know what discerning means --- it basically means that I can spot ill intensions a mile away.

But even with a gift like that you will find some people will slip in and wear "strength" when it suits them and gingerly discard it like a winter coat in summer when the heat reaches the Fahrenheit of hell.

Your truest, bluest, will reveal themselves to be of the yellowest shade of chicken. So choose your "walk through the fire" peeps wisely. Because clarity is one trifling ***********, but not as trifling as a winner in quitter's clothing.



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WHO : Kendrick Lamar & SZA

WHAT : New Music from the Black Panther Soundtrack

WHEN : 2018

WHERE : Anywhere downloadable music exist, but choosing Amazon helps this blog sooo…

WHY : Get you hype about Marvel’s Black Panther Movie! I know I am!

#PlayListMe Repeat Track : “Breathe” by Télépopmusik


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When: The Month of December

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